The Sustainable Life App.

We've collaborated with the Sustainable Life App, to help our sellers grow their business. List your Born-Eco shop today for free (business listing usually $100).

So, what is the Sustainable Life App?

Sustainable Life app is an online website and mobile application to allow consumers from all over the world to easily locate ethical brands, such as yours! Find out a little more here.

Sustainable Life App is a worldwide directory and shopping application for sustainable brands. So we recommend you that check that the shipping information of your Born-Eco shop has been set up correctly. (For example, if you only ship within the UK make sure your shipping information is set up this way to prevent overseas purchases).

What's included in the listing?

Being listed on the Sustainable Life App means being visible to the thousands of people that have downloaded and use the app.

PLUS... every listed brand on the app gets a free recorded interview (if you want) with the Owner of Sustainable Life App, to help showcase your products to potential consumers and let people know a little bit more about your brand!

How do I join?

The link at the bottom of this page will take you to the page shown here (below on Mobile devices, to the right on Desktop devices). Once here, you can start filling out all of your company details.

When you get to the section that says 'Brand Website', this is where to add your Born-Eco store URL. Which will look something like this: store name...

Using your Born-Eco store URL will confirm that your listing is free, with the use of the discount code provided at the bottom of this page 👇

Once you click continue, there are 9 more sections to be completed. After which your application will be sent off to be hand-checked.

How do I get my Born-Eco shop listed for free?

Usually business have to pay a single fee of $100 to be listed on the Sustainable Life App. However, we are pleased to announce that listings are available for FREEEEEE to all Born-Eco sellers!

To take advantage of this offer and get a free listing simple use the code 'GRATITUDE' 

Remember, use your Born-Eco Store URL and the discount code 'GRATITUDE' to claim your listing absolutely free!

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