About Born-Eco


What is Born-Eco?


The planet-friendly community:

Born-Eco is an online market and community where all things eco-friendly are welcomed. Whether you want to sell, shop, blog, read or watch it’s all here.


Supporting individual sellers:

Here at Born-Eco we are not one shop, we are many individual sellers from all over the country. Our job is to make it super simple for you to connect with one another, making that eco-switch easier than ever.


Giving peace of mind:

All our sellers are checked and monitored to make sure they bring you only the best of eco-friendly products and content.

How it all started

By Founder, Ollie Nancarrow

Born-eco was an idea I came up with in late 2018. I used to have a company called Industricycle, which sold Up-cycled furniture, and I used to sell my furniture on my own little website and on market places such as Etsy. But I soon found that my products just blended in with all the other furniture on Etsy, furniture that wasn’t eco-friendly. My cousin had the same issue selling Vegan and Hand-made soap; it simply disappeared into the hundreds of other soap sellers, the majority of which were not Vegan or Hand-made. This is when I came up with the idea to create a market place that would solve this, a market place devoted to selling eco-friendly products.

My passion for the environment came about in early 2018 when my family and I took a trip to Borneo. Over here in the UK the curtains are somewhat drawn, and so we don’t see the effect we as humans have on the planet. Borneo opened my eyes. The plastic washed up on beaches, the palm oil plantations that dominated the landscape, it was devastating to see.

Returning from Borneo I knew I had to start this market place, to try and make a change, even if was just in my local area. The website had to involve Borneo in some way; this is where Born-Eco came from, a play on the word Borneo. The blue and pink that you see on our promotional material and on the website are colours taken from a sunrise on Turtle Island.

After months and months of hard work I had only ten sellers and a few orders, but I wasn’t about to give up on Born-Eco. Now, almost one year on we have a new website, and many more sellers, so join us on our journey to towards a better and more sustainable future. Thank you.




We Make Noise

We believe that raising awareness about climate change is extremely important.