Frequently Asked Questions about the Eco-friendly marketplace:


What makes Born-Eco different from other marketplaces, such as Etsy?

Born-Eco is a marketplace dedicated to products and sellers that are Eco-friendly and Sustainable. Other marketplaces, like Etsy, do not have this guarantee. You can buy Eco-friendly products off Etsy, but with us, we give you peace of mind that our products are genuine.

Unlike Etsy, we are a lot smaller, meaning we have a lot fewer sellers. But we see this as an advantage. Firstly, each seller has a better chance of getting noticed and you, the customer, don’t have to sift through pages of junk products. We cut to the chase.

We, unlike other marketplaces, do what we do for change. No not the change in our pockets, REAL change, the type that helps create a better future for us all.


What are Born-Eco’s Fees?

For sellers:

The only fee we currently charge for sellers is a 5% transaction fee on any sale (not including shipping costs).

For customers:

At checkout, there is a 30p transaction fee, no matter how big or small the order. This allows us to transact your order and personal information safely and securely.


Who can sell on the Eco-friendly marketplace?

Anyone, it just depends on what products they want to sell. Born-Eco is a marketplace for products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. If you feel your products fit this description then come join us! If you’re not sure you can look at our policies and prohibited items for further information.


When trying to create an account it won’t accept my username and/or password.

When creating an account with Born-Eco we ask that your usernames are at least 6 characters long, and do not contain any special characters. A special character is anything other than a letter or number, even a space.

We also have a strict password policy here. Those hackers living at home with their Mums have to do something with their time! So here at Born-Eco, we ask that your password be both long and complex until you get a ‘medium’ sign, hopefully, even a ‘strong’ sign, throw in a few special characters in there as well!


What payment methods does Born-Eco accept?

Born-Eco uses PayPal at checkout. So if you’ve got a PayPal account great! If you don’t, no need to fear, you can simply checkout with them as a guest using your card details.


Do sellers need a PayPal account?

Yes, we do ask that if you are going to sell with us that you have a PayPal account. This is for your safety, as PayPal is super secure and trustworthy across the globe. To set up is quick and easy, oh and free.


What do sellers do if they’re on holiday?

Born-Eco has you covered. Simply go to Dashboard > Settings > Scroll to the bottom, and you will see enable vacation mode. Now, unfortunately, it can’t suddenly transport you to the white beaches of the Caribbean, it can let you leave a note to any customers during your getaway, so you can rest easy.


What if my products have options such as colours, or sizes?

Born-Eco doesn’t currently have the capabilities for sellers to set their own ‘attributes’, but trust us, we’re looking into it. What we recommend is listing your options in your product description, and then messaging the customer using our direct messaging system once a sale is made.

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