A new Greek swimwear brand, with an artistic approach and eco-friendly fabrics.This brand cares and protests for the environment through fashion and art. Our conscious swimwear are here to present alternative ways for fashion production and consumption. They are made out of recycled and regenerated materials, such as recycled polyester yarn, or ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn, repurposing plastic and nylon waste to new products. 1. RecoverWe have partnered with Healthy Seas, an eco organisation responsible for recovering nylon waste, like fishing nets, from the environment. 2. RegenerateWe have partnered with Aquafil, the leading nylon manufacturing company, which collects the nylon waste and transforms it into brand new ECONYL® raw material. 3. ECONYL® regenerated nylonA regenerated nylon yarn giving new life to nylon waste and having 90% less global warming impact if compared with the production of standard nylon. 4. Recycled fabricsThe conscious choice for fashion production and consumption. 5. Your VV Conscious SwimwearMaking you part of the eco fashion movement.

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