At Curlicue we produce wrapping paper that is eco-friendly. Traditional wrapping paper isn’t eco-friendly. It is laminated with a plastic film, has plastic glitter on it or plastic foiling, which means it can’t be recycled and ends up in landfill. At Christmas alone UK households throw 277 thousand miles of wrapping paper away - that’s 100 million rolls! Our wrapping paper can be easily recycled with your household recycling because it is uncoated and has no plastic on it. So with Curlicue wrapping paper, you can give gifts without harming the earth. All our paper is 100% recycled and we use vegetable-based ink in a waterless and chemical-free printing process. We also use a UK printer for our paper to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Until now, alternatives to traditional wrapping paper have been expensive, difficult to get or dull brown kraft paper. But at Curlicue, we wanted to ensure you didn’t have to compromise on fun wrapping paper to be eco-friendly, so all our prints are bright colours. You’ll see the excitement on your loved one’s face as soon as they see their present!

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