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To all the parents and carers that are tired of their little ones returning home from parties with plastic bags full of plastic tat: I know your frustration and I’m here to help.

I’m Gemma, the ‘Creator’ of Sprinkles Creations. It’s my mission to provide an eco-friendly alternative to mainstream plastic party bags, party favours, and activity packs. All my products are designed to be engaging, worthwhile, and plastic-free.
When my son started going to lots of parties, he would return home with plastic bags filled with sugar and poor-quality, plastic toys. Needless to say, he didn’t have much time for the plastic heart ring, spinning top, and a party blower. So much stuff, including the single-use plastic bags, went straight in the bin. And unfortunately, none of it could be recycled.
The same thing happened with a subscription craft activity box. He had five to ten minutes of fun making the crafts, but after that, his creations were of no use and they too were destined for the bin. I knew there had to be a better way.

As well as plastic-free products, my aim is to provide meaningful activities. Things that give back to the Earth. Not something that will be played with for five minutes, then end up in the bottom of the toy box, or worse, the bin! Every item has been carefully chosen so that it can be reused, recycled, or left outside for nature to use. As well as this, each activity has been considered to promote children’s creativity, curiosity and discovery.

Based in Greater Manchester with my pre-schooler Product Tester, all the bags are hand-printed here in water-based ink. Pinecones are sourced from the garden and all seed packets are printed on FSC certified paper.
All orders are packaged in recyclable card and paper, even the paper packing tape. Please don’t be alarmed if some larger orders arrive in reused boxes. My philosophy is waste not, want not.

I hope my products bring as much enjoyment to your parties as I have creating them.
Gemma x


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