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  • Waterproof pouch - Sanitary wear, Toiletry Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Washable Make Up Bag, Soap saver bag


    Hand sewn reusable and washable water-resistant lined drawstring wet pouch for many purposes.

    Perfect for carrying sanitary wear, soap bars, some make-up palettes and sponges or even reusable face masks…
    The inner lining is easy to clean, could be wiped with wet wipes. If used for sanitary wear, wash the pouch after your period ends on low temperature (30 C) ideally without detergents to avoid skin irritation. Avoid ironing as much as possible. If you do iron, make sure you only iron the outer cotton layer use low heat only.

    The main concept behind these was to offer a storage option for your reusable sanitary pads and live the #zerowaste life however i often find myself using these pouches as soap savers and hang it to my shower cabin.

    Sold By Anaberry Creations