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  • Make your own vegan food wraps! - DIY VEGAN food wrap kit - Vegan food wraps UK - Vegan Gift


    Soywax wraps are an eco-friendly substitution to plastic cling firm, foil and other non-recyclable and not biodegradable waste.

    THIS IS A VEGAN DIY KIT TO MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD WRAPS should you consider yourself or your loved one a crafty bunny bun.

    Now there are pre-mixed wax bars in cute shapes instead of only plain soy flakes as it used to be before the April update. The mix will result stickier wax wraps as now it contains some resin too resulting longer wax wraps life. I am using food grade both soy-wax and resin.

    - 4 pieces of 100% cotton fabric : 2 large square 25x25cm / 10 inches and 2 small square 20×20 cm. Print as shown on the picture> red berries, flamingos and yellow abstract.
    - Soy-wax and resin pre-mixed bars which will be comfortably enough for your DIY project and you should have 1/2 bar left to refresh them later on. (At least 50g.)
    - Instructions sheet.
    - Aftercare instructions.
    - Spatulas.

    - If you have soy intolerance the beeswax & resin & jojoba mixture DIY KITs is a better option for you. 🙂

    Food wax wraps can be used to wrap and cover most food in the kitchen, excluding raw meat and fish. You may use them to cover dishes, keep cut produce from going bad, take a sandwich on-the-go, let cheese breath naturally, keep bread from going stale, cover food while outside, and so much more!

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