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    Pastry Pouch - Reusable Cotton Small Bag with Velco - Treat Bag - Children’s snack Bag

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    Reusable lined cotton pastry pouch with velcro.
    Washable, ironable. Double cotton layer, adorable bears outside and a neutral inner liner.

    As we all know, plastic snack packaging, crisps bags and chocolate bar foils are the worst possible packaging to buy since they are neither recyclable or biodegradable. Maybe, we enjoy that cheesy puff for 5 minutes, and that packaging going to exist for another 500 years. Great news is, you don’t need to say goodbye for snack! This wrap snack pouch could be the solution - great for home baked goods, cookies, biscuits, granola bars, dried fruits, healthy nuts etc. on the go to enjoy your snack through the day without the guilt caused by an another non-biodegradable packaging

    Sold By Anaberry Creations