OUR STORY We started as an idea; we wanted to provide the world with the most vibrant & colourful yoga mats ever seen, and we knew this needed to be done in an ecologically responsible & sustainable way. Founded in Belfast, we’ve been working hard on creating a brand that you can resonate with. We channel all of our energy into providing our community with long-lasting beautiful yoga mats that will brighten up any space and are made with love & Earth in mind. Our sole mission is to produce mats with purpose, without compromising on style or substance. And so, Zen Bear was manifested to proudly serve you Eco Rugs for Vibrant Cubs. OUR YOGA MATS ARE: ECO-FRIENDLY Our mats are derived entirely from natural tree rubber, using the latex that comes from the Para Rubber Tree - an ecologically sustainable crop which contributes to the maintenance of the global carbon balance in the atmosphere. The oozy latex material extracted from the trees is strained, diluted with water, treated and rolled into sheets ready for you to take home. We only use water based dyes and absolutely no nasty chemicals were used in the making of your mat. SOURCED SUSTAINABLY To promote sustainable farming, the non-Amazonian trees are only partially tapped by a small incision on the tree’s outer surface, which is used for a period of time, and then allowed to heal naturally. At Zen Bear we are committed to using sustainable practices to produce beautiful yoga mats, without compromising the environment, style or substance. SOFT & SUPPORTIVE Unlike PVC yoga mats or rubber-top mats, our mats have a soft suede like topping to them. They’re lovely to feel and won’t let you slip when you’re flowing and transitioning. Some cubs have described our mats as soft like moss, others say velvety suede. All we know for sure is that they’ll feel soft & supportive under your paws. ORIGINAL Zen Bear mats are one of a kind. We hand-design each yoga mat here in Belfast and aspire to produce bold, beautiful and unique patterns to illuminate your practice, however you choose to use your mat. Zen Bear yoga mats are designed to inspire creativity, growth and serenity. Accept no imitations, your Zen Bear mat has your back, always. WE BELIEVE: RUGS FOR EVERY CUB Our ethos remains that Yoga is for all humans, no matter age, gender or activity levels. Whether you’re a yoga newbie, pro- yogi, or somewhere in-between, we’re dedicated to provide you with eco-conscious yoga mats & yoga props to enable all cubs to achieve their full potential and inner zen in mind, body & soul. WE DONATE: £5 TO FOE ON EVERY MAT SOLD We donate £5 on every item sold to Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning community close to our hearts. Friends of the Earth have been a long established worldwide environmental charity who’s efforts have made many transformational changes since the 70’s. They’re dedicated to the well-being and protection of the natural world and everyone in it. Read more about what they do for the planet here.

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