Solide! design and manufacture alternatives to traditional products in order to drastically reduce daily waste and our carbon footprint by avoiding any type of waste, especially plastic! The Solide! washing-up range and the durable accessories allow everyone to drastically reduce waste related to washing dishes by hand. With Solide! no more plastic bottles that end up incinerated or in nature, no more plastic packaging and polluting sponges, no more disposable cloths that clutter your bins and no more harmful discharge down the drain. Made from natural ingredients or from sustainably managed forests, our solutions are a perfect replacement for the usual products. Our durable sponges and cleaning cloths are made from recycled fabrics and GOTS certified organic cotton, and our brushes are made from untreated beechwood and natural agave fibres. No plastic packaging or harmful waste ending up in nature: Solide! revolutionises the way we wash our dishes and allows everyone to easily switch to zero-waste, with practical but also economical solutions.

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