Kasanda's Handcrafted Ltd is a privately owned company in Enfield, North London, UK, established in November 2018, founded with an aim to provide high quality, handmade eco friendly, natural and sustainable dolls and baby accessories to eco-conscious consumers. Having always had a great love for the simple beauty and charm of handmade dolls and toys coupled with a strong respect for nature, creating these items from scratch bring a great sense of satisfaction and joy, only to be matched by witnessing the joy they bring to young family members and friends. Most toys in the market today are made from plastics and other synthetic materials. We believe that everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. This includes being mindful of the effect our actions have on nature and also on our local economy. Our items are designed and made using natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials, sourced and purchased from ethical local UK businesses. We also craft some items using pre-loved baby clothing purchased from our local charities. This means support for charitable causes and less items ending up in the landfill. Our aim is to provide eco-conscious consumers with high quality toys and baby accessories for their families and friends, while supporting other ethical local businesses and protecting our natural environment by cutting plastic and synthetic material usage and helping to bring more awareness to the world about their ecological impact. All toys are CE tested and certified according UK law and regulations.

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