All of our models are unique, they never look exactly the same to one another as the lines and color of the wood are never the same. Plus, we make designs that are modern and trending to most people's expectations and desires, always innovating to have a slightly different look than what is already out there. To provide the best possible experience, we bring to you these unique sustainable frames together with the New Generation of Polaroid lenses with 9 layers of protection. Using these reliable materials, we strive to create a brand of sunglasses recognized as top-notch, green, sustainable, positive, and conscious! We want to combine style + protection + versatility + sustainability.

Warranty and Refund Policies WARRANTY POLICY: 720 DEGREE (TWO-YEARS) GUARANTEE + LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON BROKEN LENSES! JOPLINS® provides a two-years warranty for all of its products and a lifetime guarantee against broken lenses. Guarantee certificate This product is guaranteed for 24 months against defects or manufacturing defects ascertained by our Technical Assistance. The defect or defect of manufacture, if found, will entail free replacement of the frame or defective part of the frame or to send you a new JOPLINS® Broken lenses are lifetime guaranteed since we consider our lenses are unbreakable. The warranty does not cover: The defects on the frames resulting from accidents (knocking, knocking, etc.), improper or abusive use of the frame and changes, repairs or manipulations performed by unauthorized persons. All of our lenses have a scratch resistance double layer, although, it can get scratched due to harder improper use. Scratched lenses are considered to be a consequence of improper use by the customer and its repair/replacement is not covered under warranty. It is therefore important that you check your JOPLINS® at the time of delivery, if there is anything under conformity. We hope this Guarantee can make you assure you are buying from a trusted brand and that we have the highest levels of customer service. REFUND POLICY: Joplins allows the customer to make a product exchange for another model or receive full refund, with no cost of shipping/shipping to the customer. To do so, within 30 calendar days from the receipt of the product (s), the customer should contact by email ( to request the exchange or refund. Before starting the exchange or return procedure, the customer must inform our Customer Service Department at about the exchange / return reasons and their claim. This exchange or return procedure applies only to Joplins products purchased by Joplins will be fully responsible for the product (s) until delivery to the customer. Any damage or malfunction to the product (s) that occurred after delivery will be the sole responsibility of the customer or the person who received the product.

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