All things UK made, natural, ethical and sustainable is at the heart of what we do. We sell a range of eco-friendly gifts that can be bought separately or in our gift boxes for any occasion. We are happy to create a great range of products that are made from all-natural sustainable materials in a responsible way Everything we produce has been crafted in the UK and made ethically with sustainability and the environment in mind. What makes my products different? - Everything we list has been made ethically and/or designed in our Cornish workshop - We only make products out of natural materials so as not to harm the environment - We feel proud of everything we make knowing that we have made it responsibly - We only keep a small stock holding so only produce what is needed. Meaningless waste - We want to make you feel good about the purchases you make We believe that the way forward is for people to only buy what they need and from businesses that care as much for the environment as you do. We hope you enjoy browsing our range and we appreciate any feedback on products that you want to see or things we can improve on.

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