Cork Element is the result of the effort and the union of three young entrepreneurs who in late 2019 decided to create the brand. We are from different backgrounds with a common goal of helping to create a greener planet. The brand's vision is to promote the Portuguese production of fashion accessories in cork, giving access to individuals worldwide to buy high quality cork products. The brand's mission is to contribute to the protection of nature and animals. Buying sustainable products reduces the human ecological footprint, contributing to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Also, cork is a better and natural substitute for leather helping to reduce animal cruelty. Cork Element was created following four main basic elements: Handcrafted - our products are manufactured by local artisans; Eco-friendly - our main material, cork, is a natural material; Waterproof- cork has several great properties amongst which the most outstanding one being water resistant, which proves it’s a better alternative for leather; Durable - cork is extremely strong and lasts long. The fashion world today is mostly based on the existence of "fast fashion". With mass production it is possible to simply discard products we don't want and replace them almost instantly with minimal impact on our wallets. Cork Element aims to promote sustainable fashionconsumption by promoting quality natural fashion accessories. Our products have designs that mix elegance and minimalist style, mostly with earthy colors inspired by nature. Each Cork Element piece is an expression of good composition and Portuguese craftsmanship manufactured by artisans with the utmost care and love.

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