We put a lot of tender loving care into our candles and they are made and hand poured in the UK As we care about the environment, sustainability and well being, they are Eco-friendly, vegan friendly and additive free. We use essential oils and high quality perfume oils. Therefore, our candles have a fantastic throw of fragrance and smell more natural than typical candles. There are no harmful toxins and they are paraffin free. Our candles are made from recycled glass, cotton wicks, and natural plant wax. They are not animal based, and none of our products are tested on animals. ​ Our Votive sizes are perfect for small personal spaces such as the office desk, in the bathroom, or in a small bedroom. ​ Our Classic sizes are great for medium to large spaces such as the lounge, kitchen, or master bedroom. We are very Happy and Proud of our candles.

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