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Back in June we greeted Trump with a little welcome message in the Lawn, this time we made him a gift!

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The GLT (Get Lost Trump!)


The sandwich we have all been waiting for is here. The sandwich with the power to mock a world leader, and save the planet.

We are sorry to say that the GLT is not a real sandwich... yes, it's fake news. The GLT was created to prove to Mr Trump that not many people like him or his policies, and that something as silly and meaningless as a sandwich gets more love than him.

Although The GLT is just a big silly sandwich; there is another clear message behind it. Climate change is real, and it’s about time we started doing something! For every GLT purchased a tree will be planted with the organisation One Tree Planted, to help tackle the climate crisis.

 People ask, why a sandwich? Well, when it comes to world leaders like Donald Trump, there’s often very little or no reasoning behind some of the things that are said and done. So, we thought, let’s join in! We thought, it’s so random… it might just be perfect! Also, who doesn’t want to see one of the world’s most powerful people be taken down… by a sandwich?


“I don’t believe it” – Donald Trump.

For years Mr Trump has laughed at and dismissed the idea of climate change and is now in the process of exiting the Paris climate agreement.  The Paris agreement (signed by roughly 55 separate countries) aims to combat the climate crisis, by limiting global temperature increases to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. If America is to exit this agreement it means that they have no obligation to take the climate into consideration.


What does the GLT do?

The GLT plants trees, to help resolve the climate crisis, and shows the worlds biggest leader that people prefer a sandwich to him...

When you purchase a GLT your money will be used to plant a tree with One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is an organisation set up in 2014. Since setting up they have doubled the amount of trees they plant each year! They work in places across the globe, such as America, Asia and Africa helping to put trees back in the ground. In 2018, they planted 1.3 million trees!

For more information, visit their website (





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