Natural Cork Placemats (Set of 4)


A set of 4 natural cork placemats that have been crafted from FSC harvested renewable cork in the UK.



Classic, functional and natural material. Cork is effectively bark, peeled from trees every 8 years. Once harvested, the hardy tree will grow a replacement layer, which can then be harvested in another 9 years time. Cork is a truly sustainable product and acts as a great insulator, making it ideal for placemats and tableware.

This set of 4 natural cork placemats are crafted from renewable cork.

-Diameter: 23cm
-Weight: approx 300 grams
-FSC harvested
-Cork Placemat Set x 4 quantity
-UK made


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A company’s true legacy is the journey of its products and since 2003 we have been working with our network of industry experts to develop real circular solutions. With growing environmental concerns, it’s time to share our experience with the world. Nothing has a single purpose, and everything has value. As designers, we can play a pivotal role. What we make can have a positive or negative impact. Everyone knows the issues. Our urgent emphasis has to be on solutions.

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