The eco-responsible Solide! Washing-up Cake (100g) made of natural ingredients and accompanied with its reusable Ceramic Dish is perfect to easily and efficiently clean your dishes! It is a durable alternative to classic washing-up liquid plastic bottles.

-Clean and degrease perfectly without leaving traces
-Practical and aesthetic near your sink
-Kind to the skin and the environment
-Natural ingredients
-Free from toxic chemicals



The eco-responsible Solide! Washing-up Cake (100g) and its Ceramic Dish are perfect to get started in zero-waste washing-up! It is a durable alternative to classic liquid washing-up plastic bottles, and it is packaging-free. One Solide! Washing-up Cake is equivalent to 3-4 bottles of 500ml of washing-up liquid. Several months of use!

The Solide! Washing-up Cake is certified organic and made in France from natural ingredients and is biodegradable:

-Washing-up base formula made in France from certified organic ingredients by ECOCERT Greenlife (more than 30% anionic surfactants)
-White vinegar
-Natural scent sweet almond

Essential for a zero-waste washing-up, it perfectly replaces traditional products and avoids the production of a lot of waste and the emission of a lot of pollutants associated with the making and transport of traditional washing-up liquids. Just as effective, if not even more than a classic washing-up product, the Solide! Washing-up Cake effectively cleans, degreases and makes your dishes shine, without leaving a trace. It has antibacterial properties. Its solid format means you’ll avoid waste by only using what you need (no over-squeezing!).

Subtle and very pleasant natural scent of sweet almond.

The Ceramic Dish is the ideal companion for the Solide! Washing-up Cake. Very practical and aesthetic near your sink.

Solide! Washing-up Cake Dimensions:
Height: 2.3cm
Diameter: 7.3cm
Net Weight: 100g
Weight with Dish: 205g


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Having recently launched Solide! The Zero Waste Life, I am thrilled to offer zero-waste solutions, completely plastic-free from production to distribution.

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